Wednesday, April 10, 2013

When Should I Start Visiting an OBGYN?

The exact age differs from person to person and depends on a number of factors including genetics, sexual activity and maturation rate.  Ideally, you’ll want to visit an obstetrician and/or gynecologist before the age of 18.  Your body goes through a lot of hormonal changes in these years that directly relate to the areas an OBGYN specializes in.

However, if you’re 18 or older and haven’t visited a specialist yet, there are many qualified OBGYNs across the U.S. Talk to your friends, get some referrals and do your research.  This is the best way to find a specialist who’s right for you.  Also, if you’re a Texas native looking for a qualified Sugarland OBGYN, join other women who place their confidence in Michelle Wong, MD, for all obstetric and gynecological issues

If You’re Younger than 18, Visit a Specialist When …

You experience your first menstrual cycle.  Many OBGYNs encourage young women to start annual visits during their teenage years, or after their first period.  Although many women don’t require special tests after their first cycle, a great deal of knowledge can be gained from a gynecologist that may make you feel more comfortable.  In addition, you’ll make a habit of visiting your doctor annually at an early age. Which is a very good thing.

You become sexually active.  If you’ve already engaged in sexual activity, or are thinking of doing so, it’s highly recommended that you see a specialist.  An OBGYN can give you expert advice, prescribe birth control pills and test for STDs.

You experience discomfort.  You should never feel pain or discomfort in your private areas.  If you do, tell your parent or guardian and let them help you find a certified gynecologist who specializes in adolescent gynecology.  Most likely, what you’re experiencing is normal and curable with professional help.  Young women all around the world experience the same female issues as you on a daily basis.  There’s no reason to feel embarrassed about requesting expert counsel.

If You’re 18 or Older, Visit a Specialist When …

You want to have a baby.  This is when you’ll want to see an OBGYN or obstetrician – not just a gynecologist.  Both of these experts can provide clear direction on the best way to become pregnant.  Unfortunately, it’s not always as easy as it seems.  Sometimes tests are needed to test for factors prohibiting conception.

You become pregnant.  After conception, an OBGYN or obstetrician is required to track the process of your baby’s growth.  Using an ultrasound, the specialist can show you what your baby looks like.  The specialist can also detect and treat any problems that come along during your child’s growth process.

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