Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Choosing a Quality Sugar Land OB GYN

One of the most important physicians a woman must choose is her gynecologist. In fact, many women choose their gynecologists as their primary care doctors, provided that their insurance companies give them the option to do so. Throughout a woman's life, hormonal changes are dynamic, so it is crucial to have a reliable and experienced gynecologist you can count on. At any point in a woman's life – from the onset of puberty, the time a woman becomes sexually active, throughout pregnancy, and during menopause – a trusted gynecologist is a necessity. Therefore, choosing a trusting and caring person as well as a highly-educated and experienced physician is imperative. If you're looking for a quality Sugar Land OB GYN, Dr. Michelle Wong has brought her practice to Sugar Land and is ready to help!

After studying biology at Cornell University, Dr. Wong went on to study at George Washington Medical School in Washington, D.C. When she began practicing, she stayed in the capital, holding positions which served the women and families of the nation's uniformed services. After completing her residency positions at the National Naval Medical Center and Walter Reed Hospital, she continued serving those who serve the country by practicing at Dewitt Army Community Hospital.

Having practiced during a time when our troops were consistently deployed and the country was at war, Dr. Wong developed a unique compassion for women in the military and family members left behind. It has also been a time of global economic upheaval. Dr. Wong came to Sugar Land with a sense of understanding how the emotional aspects of everyday life in a stressful environment, such as anxiety and depression, can affect women's overall health and reproductive systems.

Hormones are in constant flux. This is particularly true when a woman is pregnant, menopausal, or suffering from other issues which affect pituitary, thyroid, and other hormone regulators. Dr. Wong is acutely tuned to monitoring a woman's body as a whole.

Things such as gestational diabetes and hypertension can occur during pregnancy. Menopause can cause mental health issues. Adolescents and their parents are struggling with sexuality such as the highly-publicized debate over HPV vaccinations. Whether seeing a patient for a yearly wellness visit or treating a cancer survivor, Dr. Wong is experienced at assessing a woman from head to toe in a comprehensive and compassionate manner. If you're looking for one of the best Sugar Land OB GYNs, you've found her!

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