Thursday, May 10, 2012

Common Myths Cleared Up by OBGYN in SugarLand

There are many myths that go around about going to the gynecologists, so it is not surprising to hear that many women are afraid/nervous of going to see an OBGYN for the first time. Although it may be a nerve-wracking experience the first time, it is important for women to remember that their fears are based on silly myths that could not be farther from the truth. In fact, going to an OBGYN in SugarLand will help women maintain good physical health.

In an effort to ease women's fears, here are a few examples of some common misunderstanding people have about going to an OBGYN:

  • Going to the gynecologist is going to hurt a lot: FALSE! While the sensations that you feel, especially for women who are going to the gynecologist for the first time, will definitely be strange and possibly a bit uncomfortable, you should not experience any pain beyond the level of a slight pinch. Women tend to psych themselves up longer than the actual length of the appointment, as the exam itself is normally over within a few short minutes. If you do experience any pain during your exam, it could be a sign that something is wrong so it is important to let your OBGYN know right away.

  • Gynecologists won't understand how scared I am: FALSE! Gynecologists are caring, understanding people who realize that many women are scared of this type of exam. For this reason, making patients feel relaxed is a top priority for gynecologists. To do this they will often hold casual conversations with their patients, asking them how their days are, etc. in order to get their minds off of the exam and to feel more comfortable. As mentioned before, after a few short minutes the exam will be over. There is nothing to be afraid or embarrassed of.

  • I feel healthy, so I do not need to go to the gynecologist this year: FALSE! Just because you do not have a cough or stomach does not mean you do not need to go to the gynecologist for a yearly check-up. Even if you are not sexually active it is still important to be examined yearly by a gynecologist. It is recommended that girls should start seeing an OBGYN around the ages of 13 to 15. The gynecologist can help young girls better understand their bodies and how to take proper care of it. Yearly exams also allow doctors to spot any problems early and treat them before they get worse. Even if you feel in top physical heath be sure you schedule a gynecologist appointment once a year.



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