Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What Does a Gynecologist Do?

A gynecologist specializes in health issues related to the woman's reproductive system, including the vagina, uterus and urinary tract. These professionals also usually work in obstetrics, meaning that they assist women before, during and after the give birth. Visiting a Dr. Michelle Wong's practice in Sugar Land, Texas is the best way to get preventative care and to ensure that any conditions are caught early and treated appropriately.

There are many reasons that women see gynecologists:

Ø  Many women begin making appointments to learn about their birth control options; they may learn about intrauterine devices, birth control pills, Depo Provera and other methods to prevent conception during sexual intercourse. Some of the hormonal options are also used to treat certain ailments and disorders.

Ø  These specialists can also check for potentially fatal diseases, such as cervical cancer. This and other conditions make it important to see a gynecologist to avoid the negative consequences of neglecting reproductive health. If abnormalities are found during an examination, women may require additional testing, treatments or, potentially, a hysterectomy.

Ø  Women should also see their doctors throughout the course of pregnancy and after they have given birth to ensure that the healing process is moving along smoothly.

What Happens During a Visit

A typical gynecological examination begins with patient being asked to undress from the waist down and to put on a paper gown, either once the nurse or doctor has left the room or in a separate bathroom. The doctor will then enter and ask questions about the patient's sexual history, menstrual cycle, birth control methods, and whether or not the individual has any concerns about her body. The gynecologist will ask the patient to lie down on the bed before using a speculum that will help to swab the cervix for a cancer screening, also known as a Pap smear. Patients can also ask for a sexually transmitted disease test that may involve a urine sample or swabbing with a Q-tip.

Every woman who is either sexually active or is at least 18-years old should be visiting a gynecologist in Sugar Land TX on an annual basis. The Dr. Wong can answer any questions patients have about their reproductive health as well as offer services and treatments based on need. While, many women feel nervous about seeing a gynecologist for the first time, it is an essential part of taking care of one's health that becomes much easier with experience.



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